Shards of Magonia: on hallucinations, UFOs and paralell worlds

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[Deutsche Version: Scherben von Magonia: von Halluzinationen, UFOs und parallelen Welten.]

Welcome to my brand new blog!

A rocket-like airship seems to be about to land into a peaceful landscape. Could it come from Magonia?

One of the airships which might have crowded out the heavens of Magonia a while ago.

Like most (more or less) intellectual folks in the Western world, I first laughed at the entire UFO topic which I viewed as utterly ludicrous.

But then I progressively realized that among the numerous illusions, psychiatric delusions and hoaxes, some cases aren’t so easy to explain away.

Countless reliable witnesses all over the world report of incredible encounters having often left behind material traces.

If the very same people had reported something more mundane, I strongly doubt anyone would disbelieve them.

Why then should I not believe them in that specific case? A widespread answer consists of resorting to the adage: „Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.“

But are UFOs really „extraordinary“, i.e. extremely unlikely to begin with?
It depends on what a UFO means.
Contrarily to the conviction of many folks, UFO is NOT a synonym with „alien spacecraft“.

It actually designates a flying object whose existence we cannot account for with our current public knowledge.More generally, a UAP (Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon) stands for an aerial phenomenon we cannot account for with our current public knowledge.Strictly speaking, many atmospheric phenomena whose existence are currently widely accepted (such as ball lightnings) were UAPs in the past.And advanced secret military aircrafts are UAPs as well.

On this blog, I’m concerned about going into the problem of the existence of UAPs at the dawn of the third millennium.

It is my contention that applying normal methods of inquiry common in mundane fields leads us to the conclusion there truly are such things.

Yet I am not going to argue that extraterrestrial spaceships are among us.

This is by far a more specific assertion I’m agnostic about.

I’m also going to go into other paranormal topics. The name of this blog stems from Magonia, the mythical land of wizards browsing the sky on clouds and flying ships.

The good Bishop Agobard rebukes the furious mob who wants to stone the wizards from Magonia.

Bishop Agobard exposes Magonia as a superstition.

I have written a fictional tale you might like on that very topic 

About me 

I’m a proud Germanic Frenchman having a PhD in chemistry and working in the United Kingdom.

I also have a progressive Christian blog and am strongly committed to defend the Germanic identity of my native region which is dying out owing to French supremacists.

I’m interested in an „open skepticism“.

I always want to avoid to draw stronger conclusions than required by the present evidence.
But I also want to expose shallow debunking explanations which leave out a great part of the sightings they’re supposed to account for.

With all that in mind, I wish you a lot of fun while reading my evolving thoughts 🙂

Regularly updated Homepage

(List of all posts)

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