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This is my blog aiming at a scholarly analysis of Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP).

Photo: Etienne Gilfillan
This is the general introduction to my blog
Afterwards I go into the problem of distinguishing the various theories which can potentially account for a sighting.
Here I go into the weird disapperance of the australian pilot Frederick Valentich.
The Myth of the Good Alien: on Skeptical Wishful Thinking  shows that numerous self-proclaimed Skeptics do have strong biases which lead them to many unwarranted conclusions.
In Burden of proof is a double-edged sword I explain that „Skeptics“ have a certain burden of proof too.

The close encounter of a former mayor?
Encircled by an UFO? The weird encounter of Captain Julio Miguel Guerra 

UFOs and hallucination-proneness
An extraordinary hoax?
Was this UFO just another hallucination?
The three UFOs of operation Mainbrace

A fleeting greenish comet ascending into the French sky
My own sighting

“Unidentified” due to lack of data

St. Elmo’s fire as a general explanation of foo-fighters?

Extraordinary stars or UFOs?

The capricious star of Warrnambool?

Yet another mysterious light in the Yorkshire dales

An extraordinary memory failure (Livingston’s case)?

Genuine UFO among a wave of IFO?

A UFO about Topcliffe?

Unidentified flying spiders in southern France?

A Belgian triangular UFO over Lorraine?


New contents will keep coming in!

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