The close encounter of a former mayor?

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Deutsche Version: Die unheimliche Begegnung von einem ehemaligen Bürgermeister?


One of the main enigmatic encounters with a unknown flying object in Germany was doubtlessly the one of Mister Oskar Linke, the former mayor of a small village in the DDR, while accompanied by his daughter.

A man pries into two weird beings standing beside a UFO.

Close encounter of former Eastern-German Mayor Oskar Linke.

(Sketch of the object drawn by Linke two years after the sighting).

On the Internet one can find numerous texts about this incident which do not always agree with each other, even if the conflicting details aren’t essential to the story.

For this reason, during the course of my analysis of this past event I’ll limit myself to two sources whose authors had direct exchanges with the eye witnesses.
The first source is an old newspaper from West-Berlin entitled „Nachtdepesche“. 

I’ve translated its content as best I could and used British notations for days, months and years out of convenience.

 Nachtdepesche, Friday 15. August 1952

A Hot-water bottle with a crew

Two deers on Gopfert’s meadow? Think twice!

„I have seen the flying saucer. Not only in the air but also on the earth. Roughly 80 m in front of me.“

The man came to the redaction of „Nacht-Depesche“ and brought us both a sensation and a drawing which he had produced out of memory.

„Bum, Bum“ he banged it on the table: it looked like this.“

„The flying saucer“ he meant.
And he brought not only the picture but also an eye witness: his 13-years-old daughter. The man’s name is Oskar Linke.

He lives in Berlin. Not too long ago, he was still the mayor of the small village Gleimerhausen near Meiningen. The man is the 2479-th who asserts having seen a flying saucer. A standing saucer in this specific case.
Should we actually believe him?

It doesn’t matter.

For five years, there has been an unstoppable succession of flying saucer reports.Eye witness reports and photos are there. Scientists, air safety intendants and intelligence services are dealing with the problem. Nobody knows at the moment what lies behind.Here a new person has seen something and has even sketched it. We still have enough time before us, so let’s take a closer look at this. „We were, Gabriele and I, underway with the motorcycle on 17. June 1950“ Oskar Linke recounted.

„It was at night and the beginning of the dawn could already be perceived. Since we had a breakdown we were obliged to push the motorcycle between the villages Haselbach and Gleimerhausen“ Gabriele said.

„Look father, two deers on Goepftert’s meadow.“ 

„Maybe there are children among them and I could catch one“ I replied

„and so I closed in on the bunch. 

Gabriele staid with the motorcycle on the street, at a distance of approximately 150 meters to the deers.

As I went over the hilly ground and got closer up to 80 meters, I realized there was no deer there, but two human figures. They wore thick suits, similar to those of polar researchers. I thought they were Russians and so I remained still.

I moved sidewards behind a ridge and I could now notice a weird structure. It looked like a big hot-water bottle in zinc. I estimated it to be 15 meters long and 2.5 meters high. The whole thing was shining in a metallic way.

On the side there were openings or indentations. Above the hot-water bottle there was a cylindric top, which was perhaps 2.5 meters high.

Let’s become certain, I said to myself, and I observed the men who were communicating by gesticulating as well as the odd device.

During the whole time Gabriele was standing alone by the street.

 „I got fearful and called out to my father“ she recounted.

„Then I heard a very loud noise in the meadow and I saw how a burning disc flew in the air and disappeared in the direction of Hildburghausen“.

„As Gabriele called“ her father recounted further, „both men crept back hastily into the device. Then I saw how the cylinder sank and appeared at the bottom side of the hot bottle, while the device raised correspondingly.

Then a dialing tone was heard. Yet suddenly it howled like a foghorn.

The hot bottle gleamed and glowed. Now I saw that it was round, whereas it previously appeared to me as having a lengthy shape. Now it was doubtlessly spinning. A mighty cold air stream was spawned so that the cereals on a nearby field were laid flat.

The cylinder went back to its former position and the hot bottle, which was now looking like a brightly lit disc, was hovering freely in the air.

Then suddenly it ascended with a great speed and steeply towards the heights of the sky, whereby I heard several time a vague bang.

As it was having for the eye maybe the dimension of the lunar disc, it flew away vertically in the direction of Hildburghausen and Koburg. 

I estimated its speed to be 1600 km/h.“

Oskar Linke added that the „comet“ was the discussion topic of the whole village the next day.

 A shepherd and a watcher had seen the phenomenon in the air.

„They knew nothing about my observations. I said nothing, perhaps you could understand why. I’m not particularly excited by the perspective of undergoing year long interrogations…“

Too long to describe.

Journal Nacht-Depesche about Oskar Linke’s UFO encounter.

The second reliable source is a rigorous report of MUFON which I have reproduced here.

(by Ted Bloecher, 1980).

Date of Sighting: Saturday, June, 17, 1950.

Time: 02:30 Central European Time

Locale: near Haselbach (Southern Thuringia), East Germany

Witnesses: Herr Oskar Linke (48), mayor of Gleimershausen, his 11-year-old daughter Gabrielle

Closest proximity to Entities: 15 meters (about 33 feet).

Investigators: Antony Terry, for the London Sunday-Graphic; Dr. Leon Davidson, White Plains, N.Y. (1958-59)

HumCat Classification: Serial #0183

Type B (entities seen entering UFO).

translations From German: Dr. Davidson, Douwe Bosga, and Lex Mebane

Oskar Linke was born on June 15,1901, in Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland). At the time of his UFO encounter in June 1950, he was mayor of the small East German village of Gleimershausen, in Southern Thuringia, approximately eight kilometers at the southwest of Meinengen, near the West German frontier. Herr Linke had four children in 1950: Gabrielle (11), Norbert (9), Ossi (3), and a baby, Hanna.

Because he feared the Russians would learn that he had seen what he believed was one of their manned secret mission, Herr Linke fled from East Germany into West Berlin on April 20, 1951, with his family, which included his aged mother. More than a year later, something prompted Herr Linke to report his 1050 sighting, for on July 1,1952, he made a sworn statement about his experience to a West Berlin notary, Dr. Oskar Krause. The press heard of the sighting through the West Berlin police, and almost immediately the story was a sensation, appearing in newspapers around the world.
There seems to have been no official Air Force inquiry into the Linke UFO sighting for it cannot be located in the archives of project Blue Book, nevertheless the former East German claimed in 1959 that
among the many intelligence people who interrogated him in West Berlin in 1952 was an unidentified American colonel.

Linke’s story, as told to Antony Terry of the London Sunday-Graphic, was published on July 6,1952; within days the United Press and the North American Newspaper Alliance had their own stories on the wires. A first-hand account was published in the West Berlin newspaper, Nacht-Depesche (Night Talk), issue #188 (date of publication unknown, but most likely within the first week of July 1952).
Herr Linke’s sighting was also briefly mentioned in some early books on „flying saucers“. Desmond Leslie recounted of it in his half of George Adamski’s 1953 pot-boiler „Flying Saucers Have Landed“ and Harold Wilkins provided a summary in his 1954 book „Flying Saucers on the Attack“. In 1966, a particularly error-strewn account, citing NANA as the source, appeared in Frank Edwards‘ book, „Flying Saucers – Serious Business.“

Among other omissions and distortions, none of these sources provided the correct date or time of Herr Linke’s encounter.

The following summary of Linke’s 1950 sighting is compiled from Anthony Terry’s Sunday-Graphic story, from the account of Nacht–Depesche; and, most importantly from the witness’s own first-hand account as written to Dr. Davidson in 1959.
We are indebted to Leon Davidson, for providing us with these valuable data.

The Sighting of June 17, 1950

Herr Linke and his 11-year-old daughter Gabrielle set out early from Gleimershausen for Haselbach by motorcycle, with Gabrielle in the Side Car. It was 2.30 am. and the first vestiges of dawn were appearing in the East. They were several kilometers outside Haselbach when a tire blew out, so Herr Linke and his daughter continued on foot, pushing the machine. Something in a field about 150 yards away caught Gabrielle’s eye: „Look there, father,“ she called out, „two deers in Gopfert’s Meadow!“

Her father, thinking that he might be able to catch one, left his daughter with the disabled motorcycle at the roadside and made his way through the Brush and small fir trees towards the field.

„As I approached the deer up to about 80 meters through the hilly field,“ he told the Nacht Depesche reporter in 1952, „I recognized (they were) not deers, but two human figures. They were dressed in heavy garments, like people wear in polar regions.“
These garments, he said, appeared to be made of a „shimmering, metallic substance“.

At a distance of about 50 yards from the figures, he watched them as they bent over „as if studying something on the ground“. Believing that they were Russians, he made his way cautiously to a distance of about 15 yards. „Peering over a small ridge, I noticed a large object, which I judged to be 40 to 50 feet across“. He said that it was in the shape of an oval warming pan or flask (not a frying pan) without a handle andstood about 8 feet high. „There were two rows of holes along the sides, about a foot in diameter. Each row was roughly a foot and a half from the next. Out of the top of the metallic object rose a black, cylindrical „conning tower“ about 10 feet high“.

Herr Linke watched the two men communicate with each other, „using a lot of gestures“, although he could hear no voices. One of the men had a light on his chest that blinded on and off at intervals. The light appeared to be on a small box-like device on his chest. Linke continued to observe the men and the machine at close range for 25 minutes. All the while Gabrielle stood alone by the road. Finally,
she called out to her father.

„I was now alarmed by my daughter, who had remained some distance back“, Linke told Antony Terry.

„The sound must have reached the two figures, for they rushed back to
the object, clambored rapidly up the side to the „conning tower“ and
disappeared inside.

In one of his letters to Dr. Davidson, in which he responded to a question of whether the figures were human (menschlich) or humanoid (menschenaehnlich), in appearance, Herr Linke said:

„It is difficult to say whether the two forms who stood in front of the object and then flew off were men. I would say they could also have been other creatures since (their) (manner of) locomotion was a glide, similar to that of bears.“

With the disappearance of the twp beings inside the „conning tower“, other things quickly began to happen:

„The outer edge of the warming pan, in which the holes were sunk, now started to glow.“ he told reporter Terry. Other sources described this glow as being red and green.

„At the same time I heard a slight hum“ Linke added.

As the glow and the sound intensified, Linke saw that the „conning tower“ was retracting into the main body of the object – or rather, that the object itself was rising up around its central core, for it could now be seen emerging at the bottom. Exhaust flames were being emited from around the edge. Linke noted: „From the swirling effect of the glowing exhaust, I got the impression the whole object was spinning like a top. It seemed to be resting on the cylindrical piece which had sunk through the object and was protruding from the bottom and standing on the ground. The warming pan with its glowing outside ring of flame was new some feet off the earth.“

According to his accounts in Nacht-Depesche, Linke said that „a powerful cold airstream came from the object, which caused the grain in a neighboring field to flatten down.“

The object was now completely airborne and hovered briefly at about 100 feet, Linke could see that „the cylinder on which it had rested had now disappeared inside the center and reappeared through the top. The rate of ascent now became much greater, and at the same time my daughter and I heard a whistling sound, rather like the noise made by a falling bomb, but no nearly so loud“.
Nach-Depesche quoted him as describing the sound „as a siren“.
Gabrielle, who was watching from the road, said: „I heard a very loud noise coming from the meadow and I saw how a burning disc flew up into the air and disappeared, still gaining height over the hills and forests towards Stockheim.“

According to the map Herr Linke sent to Leon Davidson, Stockheim is situated about ten kilometers south-southwest of Haselbach, in the West German sector.

Her Linke and his daughter examined the area where the object had been and found a „circular depression, evidently freshly made, where the earth had been driven down. This was exactly the shape of the „conning tower“, he told Antony Terry.

Later that day, several local people told Herr Linke that they had seen some aerial phenomena they took for „a comet bounce off the earth“.

Georg Derbst, a shepherd, was about a mile and a half from Linke’s position when he thought he saw „a comet bounce off the earth“.

A sawmill watchman told Linke he had seen what thought was a „low-flying comet“ flash away from the hill where Herr Linke and his daughter saw the object“.

Still believing that he had seen a secret Russian missile and its pilots, herr Linke said little about his sighting, fearing reprisals. But as time wore on, word of it began to spread and he became fearful for his safety.

„I was never tkan notice of by the Russians“ he wrote to Dr. Davidson, „but as it became known among the people that I had seen something, I fled with my family to the West“.

It was not until after he resettled in West Berlin that Herr Linke learned about „flying saucers“.

Comments and conclusions

If there were any doubts about the real identity of Herr Linke and his credentials, as presented in the 1952 news reports, Leon Davidson put them to rest in a series of
written inquiries begun in 1958.

On September 24, he wrote to the Berlin Bureau of Justice requesting the address of Dr. Oskar Krause, upon receipt of this information, he wrote to Dr. Krause on October 9 requesting verification from the notary of Herr Linke’s deposition of July 1, 1952. The following reply, in part, was received from Dr. Krause in a letter dated October 13, 1958:
The document certified by me on 1 July 1952 came from a Herr Oskar Linke. He was at that time not known to me by his appearance, and he therefore identified himself through the presentation of his identity card with photograph and data from police chief of Berlin…“

On October 16, Dr. Davidson wrote to the West Berlin Chief of Police requesting information about the registration of Herr Linke, he received the following reply (in part) from Police Chief Liefke in a
letter dated October 31:

„Under the four bearers of the name (Linke) is one Oskar Linke, who entered from East Germany , born June 15, 1901, in Breslau, who is now listed by the Police of Berlin-Charlottenburg…“

Having obtained Herr Linke’s adress, Davidson wrote to him on November 18, inquiring if he was the former mayor of Gleimershausen, and requesting permission to correspond further, he received an answer from Linke’s eldest son, Norbert, written in English and dated December 10, in which he confirms that his father was indeed the mayor of that town until 1951, when he fled with his family to West Berlin. He told Davidson that his father had been ill, but that he would reply directly to any further communication.

There followed over the course of the next year an exchange of six letters between Leon Davidson and Oskar Linke in which a number of specific questions were answered by the former East German mayor. All
the pertinent points touched on in these letters have been incorporated into this report. Missing from the case file, unfortunately, is a copy of the original deposition – although Dr. Davidson had requested a copy from both Herr Linke and Dr. Krause, he never received it.

There is always, of course, too little about any UFO experience of special interest to satisfy the demanding investigator, and it is no different in the case of Herr Linke’s experience. We have not even had the opportunity to meet the witness face to face. But the information that we have managed to compile argues favorably for the credibility of the witness, and the reality of his experience, as he perceived it.

The internal consistency of Herr Linke’s story, and the unprecedented details it contains (such as the unusual embarkation of the UFO) argue persuasively in favor of its authenticity. In short, it must be reasonably concluded, on the basis of available information, that Herr Linke witnessed a phenomenal occurrence in June of 1950, involving the appearance on the ground and in flight of an extraordinary vehicle and its operators.

Until further information emerges that casts doubt upon the data already assembled, this sighting should be included among the list of unexplained UFOs. ***************************************************************
Document from the CIA

Afterwards I also found an interesting Greek article translated into English by the CIA but unevaluated.

The Greek article was published on 09.07.1952 (Continental European format).

Within it one can find the confirmation of this important fact:

After submitting his testimony to the judge, Linke made the following statement:

„I would have thought that both my daughter and I were dreaming if it were not for the following elements involved: When the object had disappeared, I went to the place where it had been. I found a circular opening in the ground and it was quite evident that it was freshly dug. It was exactly the same shape as the conical tower. I was then convinced that I was not dreaming.“


The investigation of the CENAP

Rigorous investigation

The CENAP is an association of German professional Skeptics (debunkers) whose present leader, Werner Walter, asserts that EVERY weird phenomenon seen in the air can be accounted for in a conventional manner.

In the CENAP-Report Nr. 116 (10.10.1985) they went into the strange experience of the father and daughter Linke.

The job they performed back then was very rigorous and almost objective and they gathered other evidence relevant to the case.

Document written in German. Signed by Oskar Linke.

Oskar Linke sworn by a lawyer that he really had this encounter.

Between page 5 and page 8 1/2 they summed up neutrally the findings from the MUFON-report. Then they explained how after the death of Oskar Linke they were able to contact one of his sons (Ossi Linke).

The man told them that his father Oskar had never talked about his past experience with friends. Afterwards, he arranged for them a meeting with the other eyewitness Gabriele who was now married.

„After having been questioned, Klaus and Gabriele Klepzig said that Gabriele had been filmed and interviewed with her father in 1953/54. Gabriele had a photo where she can be seen with her father. Alas its reproduction wasn’t authorized.“ 

In the end the authors of the CENAP almost admitted that they could not solve this case on the basis of the available information:

„And so ends the trail of further questioning. Oskar Linke is deceased, his notary too and the daughter Gabriele refuses now to say anything more on the topic!„.

Typical debunking

However in a much later blog post, they tried to sweep the whole topic under the carpet in a rather subtle way:
„Perhaps her sister Gabriele knew more (after all she’s supposed to have been there back then, as the incident occurred!) and she was also closer to her father. Ossi put us in contact with her, but she could say to have heard of the story ONLY in relation to a film interview in 1953 or 1954. She wasn’t willing to say anything more about this and the story of her father. She didn’t say the slightest word about having directly had this experience with her father in 1950…“

Every reader lacking a knowledge of the evidential situation would draw the following conclusion:

The second witness of this incredible story learned about it only 4 years later because she actually never was there! This was therefore a pure invention of her father.“
Now in what follows I want to list up reasons why I consider this (not explicitly formulated) theory as completely absurd.

Gabriele learned about the sighting only in 1953-1954?

Because of his report Mister Linke was interrogated by a great number of journalists and other interested persons and he mentioned from the very beginning the role that her daughter plaid in these disturbing events.

It is truly outlandish to assert that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY would have come to the idea to directly question Gabriele in 1952, even though she lived with her father in West-Berlin at that time.

Actually it’s even worse than that.

In the Nachtdepesche of 1952 one can  explicitly read:


And he brought not only the picture but also an eye witness: his 13-years-old daughter. The man’s name is Oskar Linke.

„It was at night and the beginning of the dawn could already be perceived. Since we had a breakdown we were obliged to push the motorcycle between the villages Haselbach and Gleimerhausen“ Gabriele said.

„Look father, two deers on Goepftert’s meadow.“
During the whole time Gabriele was standing alone by the street.

 „I got fearful and called out to my father“ she recounted.

I heard a very loud noise in the meadow and I saw how a burning disc
flew in the air and disappeared in the direction of Hildburghausen“.


Thus Gabriele had already expressed herself on her experiences in 1952.

Would the investigators of CENAP seriously affirm that this was part of a conspiracy between the former mayor Oskar Linke and Nachtdepesche?

And if the young girl hadn’t actually known anything before 1953-1954, then she’d have said during the course of the documentary (where according to CENAP she was herself interviewed) something like: „But father, I wasn’t with you during that night“ and such an overwhelming revelation could not have gone unnoticed by the medias in the next months.

Actually I’ve just found a video from 1952 where Gabriele Linke is standing besides her father whereas the latter recounts his incredible experience.

Middle-age Oskar Linke beside his 14-years old blonde daughter.

Interview of Oskar Linke and his daughter.

For every reasonable person all this should be largely sufficient to conclude that in 1952 Gabriele Linke not only „knew about“ the incident but also appeared as an eye witness.

If in 1980 Gabriele had REALLY asserted to have heard of this encounter for the first time during the documentary of 1953-1954, then it is extremely likely she did so because she was burdened by the whole story and wanted to no longer have any kind of exchange about it.
At this point is is really odd that the CENAP investigators themselves wrote in 1985: „the daughter Gabriele refuses now to say anything more on the topic!“ and asserted (or implied) only later that she wasn’t present during the incident. If it had been so obvious from the very beginning, then they would have written it down in their first report (1985) and concluded that the case can now safely be regarded as a hoax.

It appears much more likely that the debunkers have attempted much later to sweep an inconvenient and enigmatic riddle under the carpet while hoping that their readers would not ask too many critical questions.

Gabriele was manipulated by her father

At most, a „Skeptic“ could now (without any argument) assert that she was forced by her father to act so.

This also remains extremely implausible.

If Mister Linke really planed to get famous through such a hoax, then it’d have been much easier for him NOT to invent the presence of the child, for he could count on her being most likely also interviewed, which would have involved plenty of additional risks.

But Mister Link hadn’t any motive at all to orchestrate such a swindle.

He didn’t earned anything through the whole story and as the CENAP investigators themselves found out, he never spoke about this with his friends.

But this did cost him time, efforts and money.

It is also pretty weird that after the death of his father the talkative Ossi would not have revealed the truth, even if this would have prevented her sister from being further stressed and burdened.

But like for every conspiracy theory I can’t bring up a definitive proof which would refute it once and for all.

Debunkers who want to passionately hold fast to it will always be able to come up with new far-fetched hypotheses for upholding their faith.
Yet, if one employs normal criteria used by the Police, one can confidently shove aside this theory.

Since I began dealing a lot with UFOLOGY I have come to the realization that passionate believers in landed extraterrestrials and professional „Skeptics“ should be treated with the same basic distrust for they’re two sides of the same coin.

Highly complex hallucinations

Cute monster underneath pines.

Complex hallucinations you aren’t too likely to experience without chemical help.

At this point,it’s likely that other hardcore „Skeptics“ are going to resort to the easiest explanation of every problematic sighting, namely a full-fleshed delusion.

Maybe there was absolutely nothing in the region of Gleimershausen on this night and both father and daughter have looked during 30 minutes at a coherent scene which actually wasn’t there at all.
Such debunkers should first calculate the statistical probability that two healthy persons would suffer out of the blue from such bizarre delusions which would last precisely 30 minutes.

Actually, these would be realistic delusions leaving behind a material trace having exactly the same shape as the object of their dream
In order to better visualize this low number, imagine that all elements in the story of Linke were the same except that the flying object was a well known Russia weapon not far from the Western frontier.

Now, if Linke was interrogated by American security forces, how would that sound if one of them were to suddenly say:

„Boss, we should immediately stop wasting our time. There is no threat for our safety whatsoever because it is almost undeniable that the whole story stems from a combination of hallucinations and false memories.“

Would the Americans be wise in such a situation to stop worrying?

Secret experimental aircraft

A much more satisfying explanation has been proposed by a British Engineer.

Mr. GEORGE EDWARDS, chief engineer of the aeronautical factories „Vickers“, had things to say in Sunday Graphics about the news according to which Mr. Oskar Linke, mayor of a village in the Soviet zone and now refuged in Berlin, had seen a flying saucer on the ground in Eastern Germany. The engineer, who refused to judge on the scientific value of this testimony, has however recalled the research made in England before and during World War I on an apparatus with a circular wing which was nicknamed „the flying donut“. According to the declarations of the German mayor, the British engineer estimates, the machine described would be an observation craft. Its phosphorescence would be explained by the fact that it would have a jet engine making it capable of taking off vertically. The German mayor had also spoken about metallic suits that were worn by the aviators. This detail also seems plausible to Mr. Edwards. The Sunday Graphic devoted its first and second page to this case.
It publishes the drawings by Mr. Oskar Linke, showing the saucer with a diameter of 13 cm in a clearing surrounded by fir trees. A three meters high cylinder besides which two aviators are watching things emerges from the saucer. At the periphery, there are coupled exhaust pipes of semi-conical form. Another drawing shows the reversed saucer rotating at high speed on itself, the cylinder remaining motionless and used as a pivot. Flames emerge from the exhaust pipes. The third sketch shows the saucer taking off, the cylinder reappearing then on the upper part.

Several fellows are trying to make the flying donut take off.

„Flying donut“ during a test.

This picture shows a model of this aircraft. As it is easy to realize, it is considerably more primitive than the thing Linke sighted and can therefore be ruled out as a viable candidate.

Nevertheless in 1952 it was not unreasonable to surmise that the curious craft landed in the forest of Meiningen was a highly technological earthly machine for it had clear similarities with the best human technical accomplishments of that time, even if the size of the pilots was unusual.

In 2014, 64 years after the original event, it has become much harder to further believe in this theory.

For whoever was its owner, this impressive machine would have sooner or later be efficiently used in one of the numerous armed conflicts caused by the cold war.
This wouldn’t have made a lot of sense to renounce on its utilization during this entire time period.

Extraterrestrial visitors?

A Grey Alien beside president Eisenhower.

Extraterrestrial visitors allegedly freaking out president Eisenhower.

This leads us to the hypothesis which is deemed the most exciting by many people.

This night, Father and daughter Linke encountered two beings from another planet.

Many proponents of the extraterrestrial hypothesis have over and over again celebrated this incident as an airtight proof of the truth of their convictions and nowadays this event is still widely regarded as a weighty argument for their views.
To my mind this reveals a very superficial approach.

On the one hand, evolution on other planets can lead to a nearly endless range of intelligent beings and so it appears extremely improbable that beings having randomly reached our blue planet would have a similar bodily appearance.

But there is a much graver problem. 

Space faring civilizations would have to solve a big series of formidable technical challenges which are well known to physicists, cosmonauts and cosmologists and are sometimes even viewed as insurmountable.

Such an extraterrestrial species would be at least millions of years ahead of us (if one employs a linear representation of progress).

The object sighted by Mister Linke and his daughter was certainly magnificent and impressive in year 1950 but it doesn’t seem to lie too far away from the technological possibilities of that time.

Actually, I have no problem imagining how to find in 2014 a human aircraft whose performances would be clearly superior to those shown by the object in 1950.
According to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, we should conclude that two aliens flew to our planet by using an extremely primitive technology.

This truly stretches my imagination too far.

Conclusion: an unsolved mystery

I don’t see any reason why the former mayor would have invented such a tale, let alone uselessly complicating his swindle by mentioning the presence of his daughter.

There is absolutely no ground for assuming that the two Eastern Germans had all the sudden experienced a series of highly complex and realistic hallucinations while a fresh trace had been produced by chance at the same time and place.
I think that Oskar and Gabriele Linke have most likely encountered a genuinely unidentified flying object on 17.07.1950. Its performances were doubtlessly impressive for that time even if they would have appeared extraordinarily primitive and ridiculous to any advanced spacefarer.
At the end of the day, I must honestly confess my ignorance and clearly recognize that I don’t have the slightest clue of what happened back then.

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