Yet another mysterious light in the Yorkshire dales


At the risk of making a fool of myself (once again), I’d like to recount you a somewhat peculiar experience I had while walking along the waterfalls trail by Ingleton in the lovely Yorkshire dales.

The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. The likely position where we stood while sighting the light was characterised by the red ellipse besides.

The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. The likely position where we stood while sighting the light was characterised by the red ellipse besides.

First, my eyes were caught by a very intense and large light on another mountain lying beyond the valley of Ingleton, whose name is Mount Inglebourough according to the map.

We were not too far from a farm called „Scar End“ as it occurred.

IngleboroughThe enigmatic glow wasn’t located on the top of the mountain but a bit under it. It was white or very slightly yellow in colour.

While the size couldn’t be rigorously estimated, it looked pretty large and it is quite plausible it would have covered a whole bunch of trees or even more.

Since it lay in a pretty foggy area, the image given to our eyes was necessarily blurred.

It remained steady in its intensity during at least 30 seconds if not several minutes.

I called it to the attention of my parents. All the three of us looked at it.

My father told me not to stare at it because he thought this was the reflection of the sun on some surface.

It was at this moment or a bit later that the thing began to blink on and off rather quickly and almost perfectly periodically.

I’m sure we witnessed at the very least two such cycles and my mom think there were most likely at least three similar cycles.

No spatial movements were noticed and it seemed to always lie on the ground.

Then, after having watched with puzzlement at the light, we saw it suddenly disappear and we didn’t perceive it again during the next following minutes. We walked further.

I soon started to think on plenty of other things and didn’t pay too much attention to it any more.

Now, on Tuesday evening, four days after the event, I deemed it worthwhile to relate this short story to other people.

Given my own (limited) knowledge of modern technology, I’m puzzled by the unusual character of the sighting:

1) The thing looked first like a large steady light during 30 – 120 seconds.

2) It then blinked on and off at least 2 times, most likely 3 times or even considerably more.

3) It completely disappeared and we didn’t see it again after one or two minutes and probably more.

4) I couldn’t localise on the map or via Google any stationary source of light such as a television tower or an aerodrome.

So, I’d be very grateful to all people reading that if they were to give me mundane suggestions as to the cause of our observation. I’d be particularly interested in learning the opinion of local inhabitants of the region. The spot marked on the map (and my deduction that the location of the „something“ was the mount Ingleborough) are tentative and shouldn’t lead anyone to rule out other nearby places where this could have taken place.

No, I do NOT believe that little Grey Aliens who travelled all that way from Zeta Reticuli were just spending their holidays there.

A funny toy representing a Reticular Grey Alien

Reticular Grey Alien

But I consider it quite likely that what I saw was the light of playful leprechauns who mischievously mimicked a human technological device so as to better camouflage themselves.

Green-dressed Leprechaun

Cute Leprechaun

I will not, however, consider this a definitive conclusion unless all plausible conventional explanations have been ruled out first.

Possible Explanations

Several friendly folks on facebook  proposed me some hypotheses.

1) Was the light some reflection?

„What was the weather like? You mention foggy, yet your father was worried about looking at reflected sunlight. Could it have been a reflection with something (e.g. herd of creatures) moving across the path of the light, or something rotating (e.g. mountain bike mirror?) to create a blinking effect?“

The weather was partially sunny, rainy and foggy. During the first phase of our sighting, we thought this was either a stationary source of light or a reflection of the sun on some surface.

We gave up this idea as it started blinking on and off in a perfectly regular manner. From this point onward, it was clear to us that the light was emitted by a technological object.

A reflection on moving surfaces (such as bikes or herds) is ruled out by the fact that the light always remained at the same spot.

2) A ball of luminous gas?

„Sounds like will o the wisp to me. I’ve seen a few of them over the Yorkshire Moorside. Pretty much balls of luminous gas.“

I wasn’t able to understand what this fellow meant by „will“ or „wisp“.

The thing seemed to have too regular features for it to be a „ball of luminous gas“ of natural origin.

3) Someone testing their car lights under the fog?

„Potentially, Car Full beam headlights reflecting of the fog, Someone unused to driving in those conditions might experiment rapidly with their lights. I have seen something similar near Robin Hoods Bay on a foggy night. Best of luck with your investigation“

The behaviour of the light makes this hypothesis pretty implausible.

  • it always remained on the same position. People testing their car in such a way tend to move around.
  • the light seemed very intense and large. It seems akin to that of a lighthouse or a television tower.

  • It was switched on and off at least two times, probably more than three times. It greatly resembled the light of a beacon.

  • the fog layer was light and didn’t severely hamper one’s visibility, even there. Such a test would have been of very limited use.

4) Miscellaneous

„So the large red mark on your map was your location, and you were looking east towards Ingleborough? My first thoughts would be someone out on the mountain with a powerful lamp, either hunting, searching, messing around, taking photographs (light painting).“

The light looked really large and was standing out even if we were separated from it by a valley and several kilometres.

What is more, its immobility and the fact it was switched on and off in an automatic fashion during the second phase of the observation do not fit in with it being some sort of powerful torch.

While there were some fog layers hanging besides the mountain, the visibility remained very good so that it is hard to envision anyone feeling the need to use a light having such bizarre features under these circumstances.

Or possibly an off road vehicle (parked stationary, then moving off over a bumpy track causing the flashes).“
After a certain duration, the light completely disappeared and we didn’t see it any more, nor could we make out any vehicle in the aftermath.

The flashes were exactly like those of a lighthouse and didn’t have the irregularities one would expect if they stemmed from someone driving over a bumpy track.

5) Mirage

„The thing was the mirage of a real beacon, lighthouse or radio tower located at some other place.“

Since I’m no optician, I am not able to rule out this possibility, nor to estimate its plausibility.


The four first sets of explanations seem very unlikely to have spawn such a sighting.

The light could have been a fleeting mirage of a pulsating technological device, but without any evidence corroborating this, this remains nothing more than an unverified speculation.

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