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A Belgian triangular UFO over Lorraine?

Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) The famous Belgian UFO flop The famous Belgian UFO wave which lasted between November 1989 and 1992 was characterised by apparently triangular craft which were allegedly capable of performing fantastic manoeuvres. Some sceptics … Weiterlesen

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Unidentified flying spiders in southern France?

Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) I recently came across an interesting case concerning a UFO in two southern French towns in 1952: Oloron and Gaillac. UFO’S: .II History 1952: September-October (Loren E. Gross) UFO activity in France achieved … Weiterlesen

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A UFO about Topcliffe?

Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts)   Whilst most UFO reports can demonstrably be accounted for through mundane causes, a minority of them appear to defy conventional explanations. One such case is an incident which took place at Topcliffe … Weiterlesen

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On SETI and the alleged extreme implausibility of UFO

 Copyright ©2015 Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) Today, the label „UFO“ and „ufology“ seem to be hopelessly tainted. More than anything else, the nearly endless number of ridiculous, groundless and absurd claims of believers (see for example the … Weiterlesen

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Genuine UFO among a wave of IFO?

I recently came across the German-speaking version of a highly interesting UFO documentary produced by the National Geographic Channel. The German name is „Invasion Erde – Berichte von UFOs am Nachthimmel“  (Invasion of the earth – reports of UFO under … Weiterlesen

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Yet another mysterious light in the Yorkshire dales

At the risk of making a fool of myself (once again), I’d like to recount you a somewhat peculiar experience I had while walking along the waterfalls trail by Ingleton in the lovely Yorkshire dales. First, my eyes were caught … Weiterlesen

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An extraordinary memory failure?

A not too short summary Robert Taylor’s encounter with an unidentified object in November 1979 is doubtlessly the most dramatised case of what can be loosely called „paranormal activity in Scotland“. Robert Taylor was a 61-year-old very skilled forester foreman … Weiterlesen

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