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Genuine UFO among a wave of IFO?

I recently came across the German-speaking version of a highly interesting UFO documentary produced by the National Geographic Channel. The German name is „Invasion Erde – Berichte von UFOs am Nachthimmel“  (Invasion of the earth – reports of UFO under … Weiterlesen

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An extraordinary memory failure?

A not too short summary Robert Taylor’s encounter with an unidentified object in November 1979 is doubtlessly the most dramatised case of what can be loosely called „paranormal activity in Scotland“. Robert Taylor was a 61-year-old very skilled forester foreman … Weiterlesen

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The capricious star of Warrnambool?

Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) My Ufological methodology While investigating putative paranormal phenomena, I try to always follow this approach: determining the strongest conventional explanation compatible with all the data, even if  the plausibility of certain elements can … Weiterlesen

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Genuine evidence for UFOs/UAPs?

 Copyright © 2014 Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) Why UFOs and UAPs are ignored by the scientific community A thoroughly thinking and serious-minded UFO researcher asked me this question recently: „Marc, I’m interested to read your thoughts about … Weiterlesen

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Extraordinary stars or UFOs?

Copyright ©2015 Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) A puzzling Foo Fighter incident While the Foo-Fighter phenomenon occurred over 60 years ago, some intriguing cases seem to be both detailed and strange enough for seriously undermining the possibility of … Weiterlesen

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A fleeting greenish comet ascending into the French sky

Regularly updated Homepage (List of all posts) I recently came across a very interesting, intriguing and puzzling UAP (Unidintified  Aerial Phenomenon) having taken place in France in 1976. The sources COMETA report Here is the account one can find in … Weiterlesen

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